Quality software development.

Daniel Berliner

I am an experienced software engineer with knowledge in C, C++, .NET, PHP and other languages. I have a strong understanding of topics ranging from web development to operating systems and embedded software design. I have experience with the Ubersmith API and order and service modules.


Work Experience

My full resume
PHP Backdoor

A rewrite of the existing PHP backdoor in Backtrack Linux that fixed a number of bugs and added a few features. Is currently included in Kali Linux.

Amanah Tech

Write the order forms and dynamic slider along with a number of order modules.

Autonomous Quadcopter

I was a part of this project with ACM@UIUC where we programmed a quadcopter to autonomously avoid obstacles via monocular vision.

Star Hosting

Subcontracted though Hostultimo to build the order forms and eNom API modules for Star Hosting

FreeBSD module

We are adding functionality to the FreeBSD kernel to send signals at certirn high memory conditions so programs can reduce their memory usage if possible.

Breakout Clone

As a class project I wrote this game in C++ and Python.